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Ship Building

Provide a basis for retrofit, modernisation, reconstruction and accreditation.

Scan of the Seute Deern
3D Laser Scan of a bow section

In the area of ship building (Retrofit), there is an increasing demand for the acquisition of existing data. These can be used for retrofitting of emission systems (scrubber), a complete ballast water system or entire reconstruction works.

To optimize hulls, our specialists for Reverse Engineering create, depending on the application, simple triagulierte models, parametric surface models or solids which can be used subsequently for CFD calculations (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

For this purpose, dhp:i successfully uses the technology of „3D Laser Scanning“ for several years around the world. By means of the acquired 3D point cloud, various information can be derived, such as a complete vectorized 3D model with different levels of detail, a clash detection to planned objects, visualisations via web browser or simple 2D sectional drawings (longitudinal sections, layouts, body plans).

Take advantage of an As-Built documentation using 3D Laser Scanner and Laser Tracker:

As-Built Documentation
Surface reconstruction of a hull
  • rapid
  • contact-free by means of Laser Scanning
  • high-resolution
  • completely three-dimensional
  • modeling and visualisation of the data
  • worldwide applicable


Reference Project: Scanning and Modeling of the ship 'Seute Deern'

The following video shows a visualisation of a 3D point cloud which is the result of a survey with approximately 110 scan positions.

The reference projects are only available in German language.
Please contact us to get further information about our recent assignments.

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